Hi, everyone. I am Nancy Olewe, a blogger, and an avid writer. I love doing things that make me relax. I write like there’s no tomorrow. To speak the truth, I spend 99% of my time in front of a computer or with my books. Not that I’m not sociable or anything, I just love what I do.

Why Create This Blog?

Well, it doesn’t mean that I’m letting out every bottled emotion all the time. I only believe that life gives us lessons we surely need to learn from, and my own is no exception.

Every day you live, every day you learn. Mistakes are bound to happen, and no one is a judge but God. The best thing about mistakes is the fact that they make us stronger. So the next time you stumble and fall, just pick yourself up and press on.

This blog is about things I experience in life as an individual and what I see out there every single day. I wish that everything you read here will help make right your wrongs and choose the right path to follow.

And No, it doesn’t mean that everything here will be about mistakes someone else made so that you learn from them. We’ll also celebrate and applaud every accomplishment someone else made.

Peace Out

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