Love Quotes

When I think of you, words just come. When I remember our time together, believe me, I understand the meaning of true love. I have lots to say. My definition of true love is you. With you, I found true love. I love you and write these love quotes because of you; happy love and sad love quotes.


Quotes about Love

You are my angel. You are my love. You are my best friend. You are my everything. I have come to love you. But you aren’t mine to keep.

I wish you can read my mind and hear my thoughts. I wish you can see how much I’ve been wanting you, how much my heart is longing for you, how much my mind can’t stop thinking about you, and how much you’re running into my thoughts all throughout the day. How I wish.

I have abandoned myself just to keep you.

No words can explain the life I envision with you.

Watching you smile is the death of me.

The happiness I felt as I see you building your pieces together….is heaven.

 New Lovers


When did I start loving you? Perhaps it was when you tell me stories. Or perhaps it was when you hug me when I’m feeling like giving up. Or when you kiss me when you bid me goodbye. But whenever that is, what I know is that I fell so deeply in love with you.

 I feel the passion. I feel the butterflies. When I’m with you, I feel alive.

The more I ran away, the more I find myself finding my way back to you.

Sad Love Quotes


I broke myself in the effort to fix you. And I have no regrets.

I gave everything I have that I have nothing left of me. But why did you still leave me?

I’m happy to see you smiling again. Even if it is without me.

It hurts to see you fall in love with someone who isn’t me. It hurts to see you dating someone else, but I still wish you the best.

Dying Love


Let go of your pain. Let go of your ex.

Never abandon yourself in the effort to keep someone.


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