3 Motivational Books You’ll Truly Want to Read

Much as I love writing, reading is equally second to my nature. I’ve had the chance to read a lot of books, and I always try to read 10 books in a month. Of course, this number is petite especially to a reading enthusiast. But I’ll get there.

I love self-help books; those motivational and inspiring books that help make me a better person and my life easier. To speak the truth, every time I find a great book to read, I often feel like everything is a lot easier to me.

Unfortunately, the past few months haven’t been an easy time for me. What better way to get consolation and motivation than with some good book? And much as I’ve browsed through many of them, these three books truly changed my perspective on life and way of thinking. Honestly, you’ll truly want to read them over and over as I do.

1. The Laws of Courage by Ryuho Okawa

The Laws Of Courage
Courtesy Moran Publishers

Author and Spiritual Leader, Ryuho Okawa’s book, The Laws of Courage was my first read of these three books. And just as its name suggests, this book truly helped me understand the true meaning of courage.

It helped me live my life with real confidence and strength even at a time when I thought I’ve heard enough and felt the world crumbling right in front of me. In his book, the Happy Science Founder and CEO gives us practical tips to forming long-lasting friendships and equally equips us with ways to solving hatred and conflicts.

Chapter 5 – Live a life of Truth – is kind of interesting by the way. He reveals the secret of the Cosmic Tree and introduces a different perspective on soulmates.

Further, Ryuho stresses in this chapter that the people we have conflicts with, in this lifetime are people we’ve actually had different relationships with throughout various reincarnations. And as a spiritual leader, obviously, he helps you hold onto your faith and belief no matter what.

2. Creative Thinking for Phenomenally Effective People, Wale Akinyemi

Dr. Wale Akinyemi, PowerTalks.biz
Dr. Wale Akinyemi

I remember reading Caroline Karimi’s  blog a while back and became curious. I wanted to know more about Wale Akinyemi. If you probably haven’t heard of Wale Akinyemi or still aren’t sure if the name sounds familiar or not, then you’ll first want to check out PowerTalks site before you read further.

Honestly, Wale is a real source of inspiration you’ll want to listen to everything he says. I recently finished reading his book, Creative Thinking and to tell you the truth; it truly changed my way of thinking.

At least it made me understand the reasons why I’m stuck doing the things I love and how to move on with confidence and take the first step. You’ll want to read this book because his introduction invites a lot of curiosity.

Dr. Wale Akinyemi, Creative Thinking for Phenomenally Effective PeopleHe uses easy-to-understand stories and practical tips. I particularly loved and laughed at his story about a daughter who was curious about why her mother cut the tail of a fish before cooking. Lol!

Further, his quizzes will challenge you to venture into something useful and beneficial just as they made me. Want to understand why there are rich doctors and poor doctors? Why might you be having a hard time achieving success even when you leave Africa in search of greener pastures? Well, there’s only a thin line between the two, and you’ll want to read his book on Creative Thinking to find out.

3. The Laws of Success, Ryuho Okawa

I guess Ryuho Okawa has earned a soft spot in my heart. I love love love his books. He communicates very easily to everyone, and his use of the first-person point of view makes you feel like he’s standing right in front of you.

The Laws of Success challenged me a lot when I read it. Ryuho gave me the courage to face life head on without fear through this book. And if you’re a person suffering from failure or inferiority complex, this book will give you a lot of encouragement to deal with your fears whether at home or in the workplace.

The Laws of Success, Ryuho Okawa

I remember a few lines where he encourages us to have courage in performing tasks that seem impossible. Say for instance you want to drop your CV to the best organization in town.

When you make the decision to knock at the door, you’ll either get a “yes” or “No” response. But when you hold back and say you cannot do it, definitely you’ll fail. So why not go for an option that has two choices rather than one?

Till date, I’d rather deal with the impossible tasks because whether I do it or not, I’ll either fail or succeed so why not try it out and hope to succeed rather than holding back and proving myself a failure? Read this book, and you’ll honestly find the true secrets of living a successful life.

One Last Thing

I have an endless list, to be frank, but these three motivational books top my list because they helped me through the past few months. Much as I’d like to give all the credit to these books, I had a little help from loved ones too.

And with enough push from these self-help books, I learned the true power of positive thinking, and I must say, I’m not the same person I was before.

Do you have a favorite book? Or rather what is your latest read? I’d like to know perhaps I’ll get a few that I might try out in my 2016 Reading Challenge.


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