I’m Still Comp-Shy

So I just realized I’m quite lazy when it comes to updating my blog. It’s not my fault, though. The problem is, I still prefer the traditional paper and pen routine of writing a journal.

I mean, I’d rather sit on my bed every night, pick up my pen and write whatever comes to my mind. The truth of the matter is, when it comes to keeping track of my feelings, I believe that my pen will allow me to deal with any pent up emotion I have more than my computer.

My pen gives me a flow of my feelings. Kind of like looking at a line graph. Every time I write when I’m sad or angry, I notice my handwriting is quite different than when I’m happy. And when someone gets me mad, my writing goes from awful to superb.

At least this way I understand that I’ve completely dealt with my issues. So don’t blame me. I love writing – really I do. But I guess it’s going to take me some time adjusting with my computer. My journal and pen will always come first.

Oh, and the fact that I can actually go back and look at what I previously wrote say two or three months ago, makes me love using my pen even more.

Because at times, I’m like

“What the…did I actually write this? What was I thinking? And the handwriting…”. That feeling is incredible.

While I was browsing the net, I accidentally bumped into this amazing site, Penzu and my mind clicked.

“So I can even pay for an online journal?”

Seems like a lot of people love keeping a journal and many are willing to pay for the privacy and great designs.

So if everyone else is going digital, why shouldn’t I. Then the thought came to me, “I really need to work on my online journal”.

Okay so let me make a promise; I’ll work on my comp-shy issues and try to update my online journal as well.

I’m very terrible when it comes to making promises but let me try.

I promise I’ll try to update my blog at least twice in a week. Will you help me keep track? Anyway, I need to come up with some good formula or perhaps some reminder to make this work.


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