What Makes for a Good Man?

When I was six, I watched my mom take care of her husband like he was the best thing God has ever given her. I mean he was. I learned nothing but true love even at an early age watching a complete family taking care of one another, loving one another and better yet, being there for one another.

couples on the beach

Even during his last days, she stood by him, knowing very well that his days on earth were slowly reducing. I mean who wouldn’t see that? I was only six, but I knew I wouldn’t have a father in just a few days. But for her, those were the best days with the only man she has ever loved.

And when dad would not lift his mug, she did that. When he would not unbutton his shirt, she was there. When he would not stand up on his own two feet, she would always stretch out her arms just to support the man she loved wherever he wanted to go.

Much as I wish this tear dropped out of my eyes right now, I wouldn’t want to let it. Honestly, I have never seen real love in action since then, and it’s a memory I would hold on to, bet on and keep praying that I get someone like my dad; A man who would make me stick by him and respect my vows “For better, for worse.”

till death do us part

I saw a great man in my dad and the best ‘better half’ he had who would give him strength and motivation even on his last day on earth. He even had the strength to promise he’ll be better come sunrise.

Okay, enough walking down memory lane. Let me get to my point. I need that kind of man. I need a man like my dad, whom, just like mom, would make me talk and think about him sixteen years down the line after his demise (God forbid) of how great and wonderful life had been with him.

Do such men truly exist? Of course, I know they do but just like the rare kind of gem, the most precious jewel, or digging for gold, finding them is the most challenging task. I’ve been to hell and back.

I guess I’ve signed a deal with the devil once (poor me) hoping that the next guy I get would be hundreds of times better than the one who walked away. That didn’t work out quite well for me.

Oh, and did I mention about how many frogs I’ve kissed? Yack! I feel so ‘clean’ all of a sudden! What happened to our era? Is it really the end times? It’s taking so long! Why can’t it be over and done with then? That way I can be able to cross over knowing I did my best.


We exist at a time when things are the reverse of the past days.

A time when the most incompetent person walking on earth is the 20-year-old virgin.

When the only weird person existing is the faithful husband or wife who comes home before 9 pm.

We live at a time when being a single parent is what everyone yearns for because you won’t be lonely and won’t have to ask someone else anything before making crucial decisions.

We live at a time when relationships and dating are something as obvious, and less-serious as visiting the bathroom.

Funny to imagine that despite wanting a good man, all you meet are exactly the opposite. And yes, I’ve had my fair portion of mistakes and heartbreaks. Perfectly normal at our era, right?

And whenever I remember how life was when our family was complete, I tend to believe that my mom was truly right, “good men died with our father.” So how do you know who is good and who isn’t? Okay, tell me how to attract a man. Not just any man, a good man.

Better yet, what makes for a good one? I know that this isn’t a fairy tale, and perhaps the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ notion doesn’t really apply in the real world, but I wish I had a few qualities to look out for. Wish someone else would be able to able to tell me.

Agood mannd when I find that right man, how do I hold on and never let go? Despite all the flaws and amid all the heartbreaks, I still believe true love exists, and it takes more than just ‘kissing frogs’ to find it.

Much as I am at the point of giving up, I guess I shouldn’t. No, I wouldn’t. And in spite of living in this era, I still believe that the best is yet to come. I still have an assurance that things will work out eventually.

So whether you’ve thrown in the towel already or not, patience is key to living happily ever after because it really isn’t a dream but a dream come true. I wouldn’t want anyone to give up, and I wouldn’t want to give up too regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.


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