What Is My Purpose In Life?

Ever run out of ideas of what to do with your life? Well, perhaps you haven’t, lucky you. For me, at times I sit down and wonder what to do with my life. Not that I’m not sure but with a lot of things running in my mind, I end up torn between many things to do. I remember one of my friends recently challenged me and asked me what my purpose in this life was. I had nothing in mind to tell him. What is my purpose in life? How can I find my purpose in life? Probably you have a few ideas you’d like to share with me because honestly I still wouldn’t know what to tell someone else.

We live this life purposefully, right? I seem to be living in another time or perhaps I’m just too busy finding myself I don’t know what to think anymore. I live each day as it comes; at least that’s what my mum asks us to do. Does she mean it literally or is there any hidden meaning behind her words.

I guess I’m still in the quest for understanding who I am, what I live for and above everything, how to live my life with purpose. I wish I were able to find a few suggestions of what to do because aside from the fact that I want to understand my purpose in life, I’d like to live my life satisfied. I know it’s pretty hard because the answer lies within me, but even if that were the case, a little guidance wouldn’t hurt. I want to have a life full of meaning.

And it doesn’t mean that because I’m out to find myself that my life is useless. My point is I want to live a life that’ll impact someone else; sort of inspiration, being a mentor or some good example someone else would want to emulate. I mean, it feels so good to hear someone else tell you, ‘Good work, you’ve truly made an impact in my life.” That’s the purpose I’d be proud to look back and smile about when I’m sixty, seventy or even eighty. How can I find my purpose in life?


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