Cheating and Long Distance Relationships; What to Look Out For

cheatingLong distance relationships are perhaps the hardest to maintain. Aside from the fact that you don’t have sufficient time to be together, you loose out on the intimacy that other couples enjoy together. Temptations are one of the things that may result. Don’t be discouraged though, all relationships have problems at one point or another and infidelity may arise due to these common problems.

Communication is crucial to maintaining relationships; it’s even more important when it’s a long distance relationship. Suspicions may arise from either or both partners of the other cheating, however, before making any rush decisions or overreacting, be sure that you have all the proof you need.

What Are The Signs That My Partner Is Cheating?

I have listed below a few signs to look out for if you want to know whether your spouse is cheating or not;

Sign 1: Are They Constantly Lying?

lying in relationships

A lie is a lie no matter what! Don’t ignore even that tiny white lie they give you. Any sign of deceit is not healthy in a relationship. When lies begin to pile up (because you have to make another lie to cover up the previous one) all trust will be lost. If you feel that you don’t trust your partner, definitely there’s a funny gut feeling behind that; treat it with caution and don’t ignore it.

That lie may be something simple as not telling you who they went out with the previous night, especially when they were hanging out with people of the opposite sex. Don’t misunderstand me though; it’s not bad when you hang out with people of the opposite sex, leaving out that part is. Making a lie once then finding another one to cover it up evolves to a very serious lack of trust.

Sign 2: You Two Are Frequently Arguing; 99.9% of the Time, They Are the Ones Who Start the Argument

The things our guilty conscience makes us do! It’s so unusual when all of a sudden your partner keeps arguing and fighting with you. If they keep doing this its simple, all they are doing is shifting the blame on you as a way of covering up their guilt to make you feel as though everything is your entire fault. What’s the reason behind their constant argument? It’s their only way out of the relationship, so they want you to end things. Or perhaps it’s just a simple tool to avoid keeping in touch and contacting you because they want to spend time alone with this ‘special friend’ they just found without your constant phone calls.

Sign 3: Out Of the Blues, They Have a New Friend on Social Network and the Two Are Frequently Communicating

cheating in relationshipsDo you know most, if not all, of your partner’s friends? You may have met a few or spoken to a number over the phone. Social network platforms as Facebook have been embraced by people as a means of keeping the communication lines open and staying in touch.

Don’t terminate a relationship simply because your partner has new Facebook friends of the opposite sex. However, be keen and wary of that constant friend who keeps appearing on their news feed, especially when this friend is a mystery and your spouse has said nothing about them to you.

How constant are they staying in touch? Take keen caution of even the late night conversations; you can never be too sure of when these chats are carried over into SMS messages or late night dates. Is this friend hot, single and showing some interest on your partner?

Sign 4: Your Partner Is Too Suspicious Of You and Your Daily Activities

long distance relationshipFrequently, your partner may call you just to ask where you are, who you’re with and even confirming how much time you spent at a particular place. This may be a sign that they are cheating on you and trying to cover their track by redirecting their faults to you.

Sign 5: They Are Avoiding You

cheatingYou may avoid talking to someone because there is something you are hiding or you just don’t want to talk to them. Avoidance is one of the main signs that your long distance relationship is just not working out. Your partner may ignore your calls simply because they have some guilt or perhaps they are too occupied with their ‘special friend’.

What Do I Do If I Notice All These Signs From My Partner?

If you have read these signs and all the while you’ve been nodding and agreeing to every one of them, then stop to think. Be sure to avoid jumping into conclusions and avoid being too paranoid. You never know the whole story unless you are one of the characters.

Anyway, it’s not bad if you keep an eye on their actions provided you don’t go overboard; you will end up pushing your partner to cheat or they may resent you because you are too over possessive.

cheating and relationshipsOn a different note, if your partner is really having an affair, this is your time to act. Don’t live in self-denial and avoid playing the victim; living in pain and self pity.

Take a bold first step of confronting your partner to find out the truth. The truth will definitely be what you didn’t want to hear and it will hurt you, but make this step.

Last Tip: What You Should Look Out For

cheating in relationshipsEvery time you call your partner, pay attention to their tone and mood. Additionally, concentrate keenly on their words to notice when they are exaggerated or inconsistent; saying one thing when they mean another.

Whenever you get the chance of meeting and seeing them, check for all the signs that may raise the red flag and alert you that your partner is cheating; the warning signs of infidelity.


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