What Men Look For In a Potential Wife

It’s a digital world alright, but women, do not use this excuse to a man especially whenever they have certain expectations about you. Men take a longer time dating a woman simply because they are looking for specific qualities to qualify a woman as a wife material. It could be months or even years, so long as they will, at the end of it all, be able to take them home to their parents. Below are a few qualities men look for in a potential wife.

Potential wife

Sexually Attractive

In marriage, sex is as important as any other basic need for a healthy relationship. A man will want a woman who would meet and satisfy his sexual desires; a woman who is sexually attractive and able to fulfill even his wildest sexual fantasies.

Good Cook

Remember the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to study culinary arts or take thorough lessons on cooking, but the little skills you have in preparing a good meal is enough for a man. Men would not want to spend the rest of their lives eating take-outs or hiding in hotels to eat because their wives cannot cook a presentable meal.

Mother Figure

A man wants a woman who will be a good mother to his future children and raise them well in a Christian way. A woman who displays certain traits as being caring, loving and nurturing with children, would automatically qualify as a wife material.

Social Support

Everyone needs a good support system to help them during tough times and men are no exception. Men need a woman they can lean on whenever they are at their lowest moments and who takes an interest in their lives.

men and relationships, potential wifeFinal Thoughts

Now when it comes to men and relationships trust me, I cannot say much. A Man wants a potential wife who can complete him and make him feel whole. These are a few reasons I could find that sums up all the rest. Anyway, I am open to new opinions and suggestions. Kindly share your thoughts with the world.


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